Friday, March 31, 2017

San Diego, Sirocco Back in the US of A

After quite the exciting trip up from Los Cabos, Sirocco arrived with all of her crew in Southwestern Yacht Club in San Diego. Despite having pretty strong northwesterly winds from Turtle Bay all the way to Ensenada, there really wasn't any serious damage to the boat, which is good because it looks like another weather window is forming later next week to make it to the Bay Area.

As a result, I'm making a quick turnaround and heading out this afternoon with a friend from college, Mike. Our destination is Morro Bay, 250 miles away up the coast. The winds look good to get around Point Conception, which is probably the most dangerous part of this next trip.

I will drop Mike off in Morro Bay so he can return to San Diego and get ready for his backpacking trip this summer where he will hike the entirety of the Continental Divide Trail, a combination of a few trails and roads that allow hikers to go from Mexico to Canada through the Rocky Mountains.

I haven't had a chance to upload photos from my phone to the Google drive so no photos for now. But hopefully by next Thursday I'm in San Francisco and I'll upload a lot of photos from the last few weeks and even from Panama as well.

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